let's get to know each other


come and say hi: 

We are a boutique design practice where every project is considered as unique as the client. 
We want to see small businesses thrive, grow napkin sketches into products and small ideas become exciting realities.

We offer a complimentary first consultation to get to know you and your project.

Your goals and visions drive us to provide the most effective solution to any brief, on budget and on time.



first base


tell us a bit about yourself

  • byo brand
    Tell us your brand personality or exactly what you are looking for. We can help your product outshine its market or your interiors get talked about.


  • brand identity design
    We can help define your design goals, target market and brand personality in order to tell a compelling and consistent story.


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 choose your commitment level: 

give your idea

the support it needs

  • consulting (least clingy: $60 - 100ph)

  • project/contract based: we deliver! for a fixed price

  • partner up:  joint ventures on products, events, artworks  

the fun bit

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It's what we do best: sketching out the concept and refining every detail to fit your exact needs and limitations.

  • design thinking  - out of the box solutions from wide variety of fields - combining our abilities with a network of contacts
  • making sure it's feasible, possible within budget and going to achieve the desired outcome
  • we can deliver: plans, cad models, renders, schedules, budgets or a publication ready design pack 





let us do all the leg work


join us

join us

project management : 

  • schedules and budgets 
  • hire and manage trades, fabricators and manufacture
  • outsourcing and co-ordination of stakeholders
  • council, certificates, regulations and safety
  • maintenance, changes and add- ons
  • the launch party!