the field sofa


by Sydney

The field sofa is an unconventional solution to antisocial behaviour in public places. Instead of using deterrents and 'move along' tactics, field sofa creates a community lounge room, supporting the social fabric of our public places. 

To bring a unique character and greater safety to it's urban landscape, Marrickville council, commissioned a variety of street furniture concepts from UTS. 

N.S.W Corrective Services Industries consulted during the design process, ensuring each piece could be made efficiently using the limited processes available within correctional facilities.

CSI produces a large range street furniture for Marrickville and other clients focusing on sheet metal processes. 


Reiby Place Laneroom
Strategies that focus entirely on suppression do more harm than good to community safety.
Rebuilding vibrant and healthy neighborhoods requires hope based policy
where investments in young people are driven by assets and possibilities.
— Hope and Healing in Urban Education, Shawn Ginwright, Routledge, Jul 2015
a seating module, designed for comfortable reclining  

a seating module, designed for comfortable reclining  

for Sydney

The Field Sofa encourages public spaces to be destinations rather than thoroughfares, by inviting the community to sit and share a lounge-room. 

Whether for staff on a lunch break, young families, teenagers or retirees, an indulgence in a shared space will unify and foster communication amongst locals. 

Creating a real sense of value in the object, as well as the setting, encourages positive engagement from the community and respect for the public space.



made in Sydney

All modules of the field street furniture system can be manufactured locally by participants in the C.S.I recidivism reduction and education scheme (facility inmates),  providing great social benefit to those employed as well as cost savings to the community.

The efficient use of materials reinforced by rigid curves allows hand rolled radii to make strong soft edges.

Just two different modules allow for the creation of 2 and 3 seater sofas, as well as a luxurious single-seater arm chair.

Additional modules such coffee tables, lamps or ashtrays can be made to order at low minimum quantities. 

The button details provide strength as well as rain water drainage while the curved faces make the surfaces feel cooler in summer and warmer in winter


cross section of the functional button detail

cross section of the functional button detail


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