At vaupel we will taylor our process to suit your needs, while making sure to tick every box and avoid any surprises later on. We would love to meet with you and learn about your project, to ensure we are your best fit and start your brief.

We can generate concepts and estimates to suit any need, budget and time frame.


Services we can provide:

  • ideation, deconstruction of need, concept generation and comparrison with all possible alternatives
  • brief genneration and quoting for time and cost, with options and contingencies such as joint ventures with vaupel
  • user scanario generation, research and evaluation of concept and solution early as well as throughout the process
  • 2D & 3D computer aided design, sketching, model making and testing
  •  joinery, welding, casting, electrics and electronics, mechanics, circuit boards and programming,  3D printig and laser cutting, upholstery, screen printing, painting and finishing, lighting, recyled materials and facilitation of any other in-house or outsourced construction or manufacture required.
  • D.A. preparation and facilitation, regulatory aproval, certification,
  • clear and accurate production/construcion drawings
  • sourcing, out-sourcing, manufacturing, Q.C., managemnt of labourers and skilled trades people of all kinds.
  • presentation material and branding design
  • ongoing suport and dedication to our clients satisfaction